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As the world quickly shifts, we all are looking for ways to stay connected, remain focused and feel part of something. This major change in how we work, communicate and interact has happened in such a rapid manner that we all are finding new ways to cope and understand the shifting dynamics.

Virtual & Augmented Reality Is the New Reality 

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Augmented reality campaigns like interactive catalogs can help bring products to life in 3D. Products "jump off the page" and can be personalized and shared in a way that traditional media platforms don't allow. We have seen that these fully engaging experiences increase engagement time and provide a unique experience that can't be forgotten.

Interactive Marketing

Immersive Training

Augmented and virtual reality allow you to see the newest Kawasaki engine or explore the inner-workings of a Tesla, right from the comfort of your living room. Immersive training engages the senses and provides an opportunity to deliver training that is more effective, safe, and memorable than traditional approaches.

Virtual Events

Using augmented and virtual reality, teams can connect remotely and interact with 3D experiences. Our solution HypARlinks is a link that easily plugs to traditional remote-work tools such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, or however you typically send links. HypARlinks is a web-based platform that works across computers, phones, and headsets.