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Northrop Grumman - Minerva

Northrop Grumman was looking for an engaging and innovative way to explain technical product details to key stakeholders. Balti Virtual worked directly with Northrop Grumman engineers, product managers and business development teams to help build a mixed-reality, multi-user experience for sales reps to use anywhere (sales meetings, conferences, trade shows, etc.). Traditionally, Northrop Grumman would ship their products, usually extremely confidential material, to sales opportunities and show prospects a 2D presentation.The portable and immersive experience that Balti Virtual developed was a huge upgrade to the traditional 2D sales presentation and significantly reduced shipping costs. By networking multiple mixed reality headsets and tablets, a Northrop Gumman employee could run prospective customers through a 3D experience that demonstrates their unique technical offering. This created a much more engaging presentation. 


With someone acting as the presenter, they can move through various chapters of the presentation to show multiple views of the product with the power of augmented reality. Some chapters within the presentation show the exterior of the product while others show an exploded view to explain the unique internal systems, including physical characteristics like airflow. These views are only achievable through augmented reality. As the presenter moves through each chapter, each participant shares the same experience as everyone else present and is able to ask questions relating to the content shown through their device. Balti Virtual even integrated a laser pointer so every participant can point to specific areas in the presentation. 


This mixed reality solution helped the Northrop Grumman team have significantly more engaged sales presentations, with customers often sharing more information and asking more questions than they had in the past. Also, because this solution uses equipment that can fit into a suitcase, this solution significantly reduced shipping costs.

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