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 Balti Virtual worked closely with the innovation team at PayPal to brainstorm, design, and develop two cutting-edge, cross-platform experiences using mobile augmented reality and mixed reality via the Microsoft HoloLens. The purpose of both multi-step campaigns was to demonstrate to PayPal’s customers how augmented and mixed reality technology can make the future of shopping and store management easier and more impactful. 


When PayPal first came to Balti Virtual, they were looking for a never-before-seen experience that they could take to tradeshows, demo at their annual conferences, and also feature permanently in their Innovation Center in Silicon Valley. The company wanted a way to explain how PayPal and augmented reality can easily integrate into the lives of store managers and shoppers alike. 


To make sure that all of PayPal’s boxes were being checked, Balti Virtual’s creative and tech team had multiple brainstorming sessions with PayPal to help develop the AR project’s roadmap.


The final mixed reality product was an immersive experience using the Microsoft Hololens. Wearing the HoloLens, a store manager could easily walk through their store and see clear and accurate visual overlays of inventory, current, and past sales, and with a heatmap of customer activity. Through this custom experience, PayPal displayed how they are constantly innovating to make it easier for store owners and managers to keep track of data and reorder inventory when needed. 


“Balti Virtual has been able to give our experiences a wow factor. If guests come to Silicon Valley and visit all those big enterprises, they’re probably going to see great presentations and videos. However, Balti Virtual has helped us create engaging experiences for our visitors to leave amazed.” - Michael Champlin; Innovation Showcase Program Manager


PayPal also wanted to show everyday shoppers how coupled with augmented reality, their services can streamline the mobile shopping experience. With the help of PayPal’s team, Balti Virtual created an AR experience that brings a product to life from a printed ad. When customers scan the magazine advertisement, the product comes off of the page, giving customers additional features like complimentary items, product reviews, and simulates a checkout process using the customer’s PayPal account.


This custom AR project has been taken to PayPal conferences and used to demonstrate to attendees how easy and seamless PayPal makes the shopping experience. Previewing the product in AR helps shoppers visualize what they’re buying and being able to pay with their PayPal account right from the augmented reality experience is one-of-a-kind. 

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