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UA Play

When Under Armour launched its brand house in Disney Springs, FL, they wanted to have an immersive retail experience to entertain and educate customers about key products throughout the brick and mortar location. 


Our solution was UA Play - a custom-branded augmented reality app (available on iOS & Android) that continued to grow over the years to captivate an audience of all ages. The first experience that we developed for the UA play app highlighted six professional Under Armour athletes (Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, The Rock, Jordan Spieth, Misty Copeland, and Cam Newton) and their personalized Under Armour shoes. Each athlete’s shoe sat on pedestals placed around the store. When customers visited the Disney Springs location and scanned a shoe with the UA play app, an augmented reality version of the athlete popped out of the shoe and interacted with the product by pointing out key features and benefits. Under Armour also had preloaded iPads placed around the store so interacting with the augmented reality experience was seamless for customers. 


Along with the interactive pedestals, we partnered with Under Armour to demonstrate how their world-renowned fabric wicks away water and sweat using augmented reality. Custom-made markers were placed near the clothing racks and when scanned with UA Play, the fabric would come to life with 3D animations. 


In 2019, Under Armour was looking for a way to give coaches and teams a more effective way to preview the latest and greatest options from their fall team uniform catalog. Balti Virtual created multiple 3D products including jerseys, shoes, pants and more that, when scanned with UA Play, popped off of the catelog’s pages. Each AR product could be launched from the catalog, but then placed, expanded and maneuvered within the user’s space allowing for the fabric and colors to be examined from all angles. Photo and video capabilities were integrated into the app so content could be easily saved and shared. 


The custom augmented reality app UA Play has since expanded to include new content, campus tours, and all retail channels nationwide.

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