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Dreamworks Animation - The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys, 2022’s baddest criminals, have officially arrived in Balti Virtual & Lindeman & Associates latest theatrical campaign. Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark and Ms. Tarantula are all packed into their 1960’s Camaro as they drive down the hazy streets of Los Angeles listening to Billie Eilish. In this web-based endless runner game, players control the Bad Guys’ car by swiping left and right with the hopes to collect as much money as possible while avoiding the roadblocks. 


As the clock continues to run, the Camaro picks up speed making it more difficult to accurately steer the vehicle around the barriers. If a barrier is hit, the game is over and the score reflects the loot that’s been successfully collected with an option to play again. Players can easily access the game via a QR scan or link making the barrier to enter very low and sharability high. The compressed production timeline for this campaign meant that the Balti Virtual team needed to get creative. Lindeman & Associates was able to share DreamWorks toolkit, so Balti Virtual utilized the 2D movie assets and animated them to react as the Camaro swerves. Move closer to the car and see the Bad Guys speed down the road!


This game is launching across the globe before the movie’s April 2022 release and can be played in 10 different languages. At participating Carl’s Jr.’s, customers can access the game and other Bad Guys activities via QR codes on packaging.

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