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Corona Hard Seltzer - Faze Clan

Corona Hard Selzter wanted to elevate their partnership with FaZe Clan with a sweepstakes over the 2021 holiday season. As a way to incentivize entries into the sweepstakes, Cogent World and Balti Virtual worked together to create an augmented reality photo experience that gave fans the chance to take a selfie with the FaZe Clan founder Temperrr.


Fans could scan in-store signage via a QR code with their device to launch the web-based photo booth or access the campaign via FaZe Clan Twitter Handle. Once the experience was launched, fans had a three-second countdown until it was their time to pose for a selfie Temperrr.


Balti Virtual helped direct the green screen photo shoot with Temperrr to ensure the perfect selfie could be captured with fans. The way he walks into the screen, looks at the fan, and leans in to pose was all carefully choreographed. This web-based selfie experience was designed to be as intuitive and natural as possible so fans felt like they were actually taking a photo with Temperrr. The AR selfie experience was customized to fans’ devices (iOS & Android) so saving the photos and sharing them was as easy and quick as possible.


The campaign launched on Black Friday 2021 and was live for almost a month. The AR sweepstakes saw close to 35,000 entries within the limited run time and the brands’ first augmented reality campaign was viewed as a success from both FaZe Clan and Corona Hard Seltzer.

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