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Stanley Black & Decker - Dewalt Powerstack

When Stanley Black & Decker started looking for ways to highlight the unique features of their new DEWALT POWERSTACK™ Compact Battery, they needed a marketing strategy that was as innovative as the product. Balti Virtual’s HypARlink platform gave them the chance to create an easy-to-use web-based, interactive augmented reality (AR) experience that was just the right balance of flashy and functional. 


Balti Virtual collaborated closely with Stanley Black & Decker’s product and creative teams to develop this educational and entertaining AR campaign. To launch the AR experience, customers can either click a link or scan a QR code. Once launched, the AR experience starts by showing the battery in its resting state. Then after the customer clicks to expand the product, it begins to animate to show an exploded view that highlights many key features of the new product. Each feature is linked to an interactive hotspot that expands with the informational text once a user taps the hotspot on their phone’s screen.  


It was extremely important to the Stanley Black & Decker team that this AR campaign was able to showcase each key feature of the DEWALT POWERSTACK™ Compact Battery. With an intuitive hotspot system, users can expand the AR battery to see that it is not only 25% more compact, but is also impact resistant, has 50% more battery, and has twice the life of the competition. 


This AR campaign was initially designed to debut at an industry tradeshow and has since been integrated into partner websites as an e-commerce tool. The ability to have an interactive web-based AR experience work seamlessly on all operating systems and across each device type was a huge feat for the Balti Virtual team. We created the HypARlink platform to be accessible, simple, and engaging to all users across all devices. Now clients can surprise and delight their audience with interactivity!

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