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Triad Labs - Space Gunner

We’re throwing our hands in the air (safely rotating our shoulders) with excitement over our partnership with Triad Labs. The Triad Labs team launched Reach VR back in 2017 to combat some of the challenges of shoulder injuries, traditional rehab, and physical therapy methods. Their goal was to use virtual reality to create a fun and repeatable experience while also increasing a patient’s shoulder range of motion and strength. Every time a patient returns to Reach for their rehabilitation, they are presented with a custom dashboard that helps visualize their progress within the program. The level and intensity of the games are based on each patient’s growth within the program, so they are tasked with an activity that’s perfect for their shoulder’s current state.  


The first game created for the Reach platform helped recruit healthy shoulder motion by having patients catch fireflies floating around them with their left and right hands. The placement of each firefly is generated by the data collected in the previous Reach sessions, so it is perfectly tailored to every patient’s shoulder. As the Reach user base continued to grow over the years, the need for more games and moments for rehabilitation increased. 


In 2021, Triad Labs reached out to Balti Virtual to help design and create a second Reach VR game called Space Gunner. Players are tasked with defending their spacecraft from increasingly difficult enemy attacks. The system detects the patient’s range of motion in their shoulder and tailors the experience to match their current progress in rehab. As the patient progresses throughout their rehabilitation journey, the game experience evolves over time to include new enemy types and weapon unlocks so the experience stays fresh and interesting throughout their rehabilitation. Triad Lab’s hope is with each visit comes gradual progress.


Using VR to provide entertainment and rehabilitation at the same time is an exciting application of the technology, and the Balti Virtual team looks forward to creating additional VR games for the Reach system in 2022!

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